Stay Strong Houston!

On August 25th 2017, tropical cyclone Harvey swept into Texas as a Category 4 hurricane.

He left many people in need of help and damaged or destroyed on both the coast and far further inland.

We at Karatbars express our sympathy to those affected by this storm.
To commemorate and as a relief we donate

The Lighthouse Project

Be a part of something bigger by contributing to The Lighthouse Project (US).
The Lighthouse Project is a non-profit foundation created by Pastor Aaron Wheeler, focusing on a single comprehensive objective; to empower communities in every state across America through programs and training that improve life skills, encourage cooperation and appreciation of all people, and heal the

Charity Karatbar - C4 Program

Karatbars International is proud to support public safety and education with the C4 Community Safety and Education Program.
The C4 school branding card reminds us of the need for protecting our children’s financial future as well as their academic future by ensuring a safe learning environment for them.
This 1 gram gold card not only has the

Charity Karatbar - The Voices Of Africa Card

Karatbars International has proudly teamed up with the Mitrowski Group in creating a card for the Voices Of Africa project. This project is dedicated towards providing sustainable development through information empowerment, food and education. Purchasing 1 gram of gold can now go a long way. You will not only be investing in your personal future, but also

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