Collector Card - Kathy Garver

Kathy Garver, most well known for her iconic role as Cissy in the classic TV series Family Affair has also received critical acclaim for her work in film, on stage and as a voice actress for animation, commercials and dubbing.


She has won four Audie Awards - Audio Publishers Association's (APA) 'Oscar' - for audio book narration and

I Love You Mom

It is natural law that everyone has a mother.
But your mother can also be a gift and that's not to be taken for granted.

So when did you last say to your mother, "thanks for doing the laundry", "Thank so much you for listening", "It's good that you are here" or simply "I love you,



Socially responsible project with its own network of first responders and rescuers.


By using iHELP SOS call centre, iHELP mobile application, iHELP SOS button and iHELP SOS smart watch, the patented iHELP platform for SOS alarming enables five times faster aid in case of an emergency.

We reduce

Collector Card - Automobile Club De Monaco

The Automobile Club de Monaco, or short ACM, is Monaco's certainly best known motor sports club, which was originally founded as a local bicycle organization in 1890.
The club began to incorporate car drivers in 1907 and was renamed the "Sport Automobile Velocipedique Monegasque" (SAVM) before receiving its definitive designation in 1925.


Nowadays the club is mainly known

St. Patricks Day

Saint Patrick's Day, or Irish Lá Fhéile Pádraig is a celebration of Irish pride and heritage, and an opportunity for millions around the world to reconnect with their Irish identity.


On this wonderful occasion, we would like to give you this brand new Special Karatbars 'St. Patrick’s Day', designed in a beautiful and harmonic unison of Green and

His Holiness - John Paul II

Take a look at our new entry on faith-themed products: Pope John Paul II

In the Catholic religion, saints are people who are in heaven with God.
But defining who is in heaven is a lengthy and difficult process. And it requires proven miracles.
On July 5, 2013, the Vatican announced that the Roman Catholic Church would declare

Collector Karatbar - Energykarat

Energykarat helps us when we are under stress, feel tired, anxious or distressed; in all situations where we need to radiate confidence.

How to use: 

Collector Karatbar - Alba Mex

AlbaMex began her modeling career in 2011 and also works as a Jury member at Beauty Contests . Especially for her fans she customized this Karatbar . Get your copy today! "I want to say ‚Thank you‘ to all of my fans.

You brought me to this point. I love you so much " - Alba


Every gold bar

Collector Karatbar - Branko Lustig

Branko Lustig (born June 10, 1932) is a prominent Hollywood film producer and the only person born in the Republic of Croatia to have won two Academy Awards (Oscar) for best picture (Schindler`s list and Gladiator).

We created this card for his legacy and our friendship.

Collector Karatbar - Marco Polo

Institute Marco Polo in collaboration with the production company MENORAH FILM decided to begin work on a project/feature film about Marco Polo called "Il Milione - Story about Marco Polo". The aim of the project is to bring it to big screen and immortalise the story and life long work of Marco Polo and his legendary trip

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