Harald Konstantin Seiz

The expert on the future of money and blockchain technologies in the financial sector

About the person

Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz was born in 1963 in the town of Calw near Stuttgart and has been successfully working as a financial and investment advisor since 1983. In 2011 he founded Karatbars International GmbH in Stuttgart and is its CEO and has continuously and successfully internationalized his company.

Mr. Seiz was awarded senatorial honors by Hathe Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade (BWA) 2016. He is a passionate entrepreneur and an expert on the global financial markets.

During lectures he inspires audiences with stories of his own life experiences and with the success he has had in his various endeavors. Mr. Seiz tells stories in an authentic, captivating and emotional manner. He encourages people to tackle life head-on and accept its challenges on their path forward.


Mr. Seiz has taken on many challenges and found solutions for most of them along the way, but to describe him solely as a “doer” wouldn’t do him justice. He has always contemplated his next step and has tried to tailor his actions in the context of the respective cultural, financial, and psychological situations.

His firm belief in the positive nature of people combined with his infectious enthusiasm makes him an ideal leader. Not bound by ideology and equipped with good judgement, Mr. Seiz has since 2016 been dedicating himself to a topic that some regard as outdated: gold as a viable investment.

This idea has since been apparent in the product portfolio of Karatbars International GmbH with the following philosophy: Gold as a stable, long-term investment accessible to as many people as possible. As successful and promising as this company policy has been, for Harald Seiz every day is a new beginning.

Our Publications

The Future Of Money

What is the future of money – a means of exchange, anonymous payment or an opportunity to hoard wealth? How will we pay in the future? What forms will digitization open up to us? And what forms could be forced on us by the state or circumstances, such as a crisis or catastrophe? Are you prepared if ATMs or online banking no longer function?

Publisher: FinanzBuch Verlag (2017) ISBN-10: 3959720823 ISBN-13: 978-3959720823

Think Big

But Harald Seiz has even greater goals: A gold-based means of payment that is crisis-proof and will revolutionize our financial system. It is a mission for which he was smiled at at first. Today he is the market leader for innovative gold products. And yet Seiz still sees himself at the beginning: a payment system based on gold, gold mines and the foundation of a bank are only a few building blocks on the way to the top.

Publisher: FinanzBuch Verlag (2019) ISBN: 978-3-95972-150-9

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